Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fashion Style Korea 2012

Korean Fever in Indonesia is not over, even the longer the "Korean Wave" in Indonesia grew, especially among teenagers. Not only the Korean Drama, "Korean Wave" also has begun to enter into the world of style, especially fashion. In 2012, the Korean-style style more and more in the interest of the youth in Indonesia, especially by the young fashionista. Many brands also began to exploit the situation by issuing a la Korean style products.

1. The top of just using a rope wrapped around his neck, then tied at the top of her.
2. Combine with other clothes like kartingen or bolero
3. For those who do not want to look sexy (wear hijab), by combining other types of clothing, or it could be using a cuff.
4. His subordinates, can wear stockings or leggings similar (black leggings would seemingly fit for all types of clothes)

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