Monday, July 30, 2012

New Dress a Day: Refashioning Fast Fashion

Beat rapidly changing season, it was held in the Chinese version of the latest trends, the cheap H & M and Forever 21 in the world of fashion style is very charming. There is a problem catching up to do with style, meaning that it supports the sweat shop workers for (luck! If you like) to buy cheap clothes fall apart after washing often only a dozen.
 This is in addition to tons of trash every year.
Grown in the petroleum-based pesticides harmful to the polyester industry, traditional clothing made of cotton will have a huge impact on the environment. Fabric not only of the problem. Conventional dye, filled with other toxins that pollute the waters around the plant heavy metal and sewing.
 Marisa Lynch and trends backing Day dress her new project. In order to maintain the style in place, since hitting the big box store, Lynch and savings to change the Mumus find a hole in the wall and sewing is wonderful, in a contemporary style, her passion for refashioning I am using!

The goal is to spend a total of $ 365, to overhaul one of the dress every day for 365 days
Since we began the traditional shopping is not my opinion, it is from. This year, I will be moved over to Bloomies and Nordstrom for new teeth. Purchase of the strike of H & M and Forever 21 accessories goodbye.
 In the style of watch of people who need enough to cut on my inspiration board and saw only as a "must have a" French Connection dress.Surprisingly, right? At the same time, while saving money and resources, he has a large closet at the end of this project!

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